Swarachakra Malayalam Keyboard For Android Mobile Phones

How Can You Activate Swarachakra Malayalam Keyboard In Android Devices

We have discussed lot of free android application for malayalam typing. Already discusses about google keyboard, malayalam google handwriting input etc here. Now we can check another free malayalam typing software named swarachakra malayalam. Its a free to download use malayalam typing software for android devices. we can download it from google play store and easily configure it. Readers of this blog knows how to open google play store, that posted in our old posts. Most of the users know how to open play store from android mobile phones.

google play store link


To install Swarachakra Malayalam Keyboard from google play store, first you need to open google play store. In the search box you can put the text ” Swarachakra Malayalam ” and hit search. It will list the free Malayalam Keyboard. You can click the install button and it will start download it. After installing the app you can open it and configure the settings. Its very easy to configure the free malayalam typing app in your mobile phones. The main advantage of this app is you can easily get the word options. For example you press the word ” A ” , if you press the letter it will list the variations. Please check the image for that, you will get a clear picture from the same.

Once you successfully installed the app Swarachakra Malayalam Keyboard, you can open it. It will show the opening page, it ask you if you are able to read the malayalam text. ” Welcome, If you are unable to see the following Malayalam text then your device is not supported. If you are not able to read the malayalam text you need to check the settings. The first setting of Swarachakra Malayalam as follows.

swarachakra app
swarachakra app

From the next page you can enable swarachakra app for your android mobile phone. click the enable button to activate swarachakra app.

Now you can write malayalam text in your android mobile phone using Swarachakra Malayalam Keyboard. Check below for the details of the same.

Swarachakra Malayalam Keyboard
Swarachakra Malayalam Keyboard

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  1. excellent app for typing malayalam in android phone. thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. its a very useful malayalam typing keyboard. they have keyboard for all the indian languages.

  3. Its a very intresting malayalam typing keybord l am usefull

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