malayalam typing in facebook and other social media

how can you type malayalam content in facebook and other social media – malayalam typing in facebook

typing in malayalam or any other languages in facebook and other social medias is very easy now. there are lot of applications available to type in malayalam and other languages. if you are using an android mobile phone its very easy to download and install malayalam type apps. after installing the applications you can set changes in keypad. we have recently posted here about the google malayalam typing handwrite tool. with the help of google malayalam handwriting input, you can very easily write malayalam.

install google malayalam voice typing application
install google malayalam voice typing application

Desktop Users

if you are using a windows computer can use the google malayalam type software. you can download google malayalam type software and type malayalam very easily. for desktop systems google malayalam type software is the easiest way to type in malayalam. Or you can check our malayalam typing section and use it. you need to type in manglish or englisgh and system will automatically convert the text to malayalam. you can copy and paste in the facebook and other social media.

Smartphone Users

Now there are lot of websites offering manglish or english to malayalam conversion. its very easy to use these services and type in malayalam or any other languages. You can check the other posts in and subscribe to us for future updates.

malayalam typing in facebook
malayalam typing in facebook

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  1. can you provide a solution for type malayalam in my honor smartphone ?.

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