SSLC 2016 Result Getting Through Websites, SMS Codes and IVR

Kerala SSLC 2016 Result Publishing Websites Names , SMS Code Format and IVR

SSLC 2016 Result
SSLC 2016 Result

SSLC 2016 Result is publishing today, 27th april 2016. once its officially announced students can check their sslc 2016 results. there are lot of options to check the sslc 2016 examination results. you can the same through kerala results official website, sms codes, ivr etc. we can check the details of all these to get your sslc examination 2016 results.

sslc 2016 examination results getting through ivr solutions – 04846636966 is the telephone number and dial the same. you can follow the instructions and get sslc 2016 results from this number.

sms code format for getting 2016 sslc examination results – getting sslc examination result is very easy through sms. you can simply follow the below instructions and get the same.

ITSREGNo to 96452211221 , you will sslc result on your mobile phone.

kerala sslc 2016 exam result publishing websites – you can check the following websites for getting accurate and correct exam results of kerala 2016 sslc.

saphalam 2016 is the official android application to get sslc examination results. you can download the same through google play store. you can simply find your examination results through these mediums. we wish all the best to the students for the results.

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