How to install malayalam handwriting input tool in sony experia

Installing malayalam handwriting input tool in sony experia android smart phone

handwriting tools for indic languages

Installation of malayalam handwriting tool is same as like other android phones. We have already explained the process of installing google handwriting tool in android phone here. You can check the steps of downloading and installing handwriting tool. You can check the procedure of activating the handwriting app in sony smartphones. First you need to visit the google play store. From the google play store you can install the malayalam handwriting tool easily. If you are not sure about google play store, check the following image. You can find how to open and use google play store.

google play store

Open google play store from here and search for ” google handwriting input ” It will list the application and you can install it.

google hand write tool

Open it and click for install on your device. if your device compatable to install this app, it will start the install once click the button. The required android version is 4.0.3 and up, if you are using a sony device below this you can’t install it.

install malayalam handwriting

Once you successfully installed the google handwriting tool in your sony phone you can change the keyboard settings. from the settings page open language and input section. From this page Open the language and input section.

Open the language and input section

From this page you can enable the malayalam hand writing keyboard. For more details about enabling the malayalam handwriting keypad you can check the ” google malayalam handwriting input android app ” post.