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Google handwriting input android app for typing malayalam

type malayalam in your mobile device using google handwriting input android app

Google handwriting input
handwriting input tool from google

google released a application named Google handwriting input for android mobile devices and tablets. with the help of this input app you can write easily on your mobile device. handwriting input app by google supports 82 languages in 20 distinct scripts. to install this app on your andorid device you need android 4.0.3 or above.

  • google malayalam free typing apps and software download, indic keyboard can be used on smartphones for easy writing

Download and Install handwriting input app by google – its available on google play store and you can download it for free. once it it installed you can use handwriting input by google on your mobile device. with the help of this app you can easily write malayalam on your mobile device.


you can check settings of handwriting tool application cab be configure from – Settings -> Languages & input -> Handwriting Input Settings. from here you can check the settings of this application.

how can i check more languages in the handwriting input application – Go to settings, check Input Languages. From here You can turn off Use system language and choose any languages.

Indic Languages

Supported indian languages in google handwriting input – Bengali,Gujarati, Hindi,Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi,Tamil, Telugu. these are the indian languages now available in this app.

install google malayalam voice typing application
install google malayalam voice typing application

I am installed the app but not getting the same ?. from the setting page find languages and input change your default keyboard and set it as google handwriting input (desired language). you can choose your language from the settings. for example you have choose malayalam select the default keyboard as malayalam google handwriting input. once you starting the keyboard it will as for accept terms and conditions. you need to aspect it and system will download it. after completing the setup you can easily use the Google handwriting input for malayalam.

  1. kavya says

    can you please guide me to install google malayalam hand write input on my android mobile phone ?.

  2. ALEX says

    huawei honor 4x phone not showing malayalam language in google handwriting input apps
    language settings..

    1. venue gopa kumar says

      Huawei Honor4x phone is not showing Malayalam(Indian) Language
      Tell me a solution.

  3. sunil says

    HUAWEI P7 not supporting. Not showing the indian – malayalam language.

  4. sanoj says

    It seems huawei phones won’t support Indian languages for Google handwriting input..I too failed in installing the same in my honor 3c…

  5. jayachandran.s says

    My huwei honor 3c not supported malayalam Google input language.please advice.

  6. Basheer says

    My Huwai p7 not showing malayalam language…plz rpl

  7. hashir says

    Huawei G700 phone is not
    showing Malayalam(Indian) Language
    Tell me a solution.

  8. Shabeer says

    My huawei g525 also the same problem.. Please give the solution if any one got it

  9. sreejay says

    I am using this phone for than 3 month. Malayalam language if not reflecting in the list of Google handwriting languages list.

  10. ajnas says

    My huawei honor 6 also not supporting malayalam for google handwriting input..pls help

  11. MURALIDHARAN.k says

    My honor 4x mobile set is not supporting malayalam handwriting software. How can I get solved it?

    1. t v ravindran says

      I want to send my messages in what’s app in malayalam.please help

  12. Murali says

    Huawei G8 also not showing Malayalam language for selection in Google Handwriting Tool. Many other Indian languages are also left out.

  13. Jiji Pillai says

    Huawei Honor 4C phone is not showing Malayalam (Indian) Language
    Tell me a solution.

  14. Manoj Peringeth says

    I am not happy with huwai G8. Not supporting Indian language Malayalam in Google handwriting inputs. Also some sound issues.

  15. BIJU P.R says

    Huawei model no. SCL U31 phone is not showing Malayalam (Indian) language on google handwriting input. So please solution.

  16. Rehim valavil says

    I am not getting malayalam handwriting input, my huawei mate 8 mobile . Please send me a solution.

  17. Steephan says

    I am geting tamil language huawei mate8. Google handwriting input is not use .why is this problem on this mobile

  18. prakash says

    Huawei p8 also not showing Malayalam language for selection in Google Handwriting Tool.

  19. suresh kumar says

    Huawei p9 also not showing Malayalam language for selection in Google Handwriting Tool.

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