Windows 10 Download and Installing in Your Home Computer

Download and Latest Windows 10 Version in Home PC

windows 10
windows latest version update

Microsoft officially released the latest version of the popular operating system windows. Now users can download and update the old version of Windows on home computer/laptop. Windows 10 is free to download and upgrade for genuine windows 7 and windows 8 versions. Microsoft is trying to control software piracy with this move. Microsoft announced that this will the final version of windows and there will only future updates with this version. Please be remember that this free to download/upgrade offer is only applicable for pc’s with genuine windows7 or windows 8 license.

Installing latest version of Windows 10 on your personal computer of laptop – If you have already reserved your upgrade system will automatically start the windows update. You can check your reserve status by clicking the ” Get windows 10 “. Please refer the following image for the details of Reserving Windows10 in computer. It will some time to download the full upgrade file. its around 4gb in size and spend on your internet speed. Its better to take the back up of your computer before doing windows10 upgrade.

You can your computer is it ready to install the windows latest update. You can simply check it by clicking the check my pc from the get windows menu. if your system have enough memory and speed it will show the message that you can upgrade to windows10. We have mentioned that if you already reserved your upgrade system will automatically start the download. you can manually install windows10 in your system by with this simple steps. First you need to visit the wndows10 download page in Microsoft website.

Before downloading the windows10 you need to choose your version , is it 32 or 64. is the link to download windows10. You can simply install Windows 10 using with media creation tool. If you have any doubts with windows10 installations can refer the faq’s of wndows10.