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vishu 2015 date is 15th april 2015 (wednesday)

15th april 2015 (wednesday) is vishu 2015 date

vishu 2015 date
vishu 2015 date

vishu is one of the most important festival of keralites. for them it brings the joy and happiness to their life. every year malayalees celebrating vishu and seeing the vishukkani. the date of vishu for the year 2015 is wednesday, 15th april 2015. vishu 2015 day is a public holiday for the keralites. vishukkani, vishu kaineettam etc are custom related with vishu. the elder people in the family will give gift to the others, its known as vishu kaineettam.

in kerala people are celebrating vishu with vishu sadya and fireworks. in kerala fireworks for vishu is know as vishuppadakkam. vishu sadya is a pure vegetarian food with typical kerala dishes. mampazhappulissery is one the main actraction of the vish usadya. mampazhappulissery is made with mango, coconut gravy and others. we will post the recipe of mampazhappulissery in other post. in india this day is celebrating as different names. vishu day is the tamizh puthandu, vishuva sankranti etc in other part of the country.

vishu sadya contains rice, aviyal, sambaar, pappadam, parippu, pradhaman, thoran, upperi, mezhukkupuratti, kaalan, oolan, koottukari etc. vishukkani is the main attraction of the day. will decorate the vishukkani and the first visula of the vishu day will be this kani. keralites believes that that will bring joy to their life for the whole year. vishukkani is made with konnappo, vellarikka, kannadi and other.