Uppum Mulakum Show on Flowers TV Cast and Crew – List of Actors and Actress With Characters Name

List of Actors, Actress And Characters of Malayalam Sitcom Uppum Mulakum Airing on Flowers TV

Uppum Mulakum Cast And Crew
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Uppum Mulakum is a popular Malayalam comedy sitcom airing on flowers tv channel everyday at 8:00 pm and 10:30 pm. This is one of the most popular shows in recent times. Uppummulakum Show (ഉപ്പും മുളകും സീരിയല്‍) helped flowers tv to get good performance in rating charts. R.Unnikrishnan is the director of this show (he quite and working on surya tv with oru bhayankara veedu), he is popular for Thatteem Mutteem and Marimayam. This show started the premier episode on 14 December 2015. Within short period this malayalam comedy show become popular and flowers tv extends it’s telecast days. now this show is airing on every day at 8.30 p.m and repeat telecast on 10.30 p.m.

Flowers TV Now Airing Season 2 of Uppum Mulakum Show Every Monday to Friday at 07:00 PM to 07:30 PM Slot, Star Cast Continues with Uppum Mulakum 2.

Biju Sopanam As Balu (Balachandran Thampi), Nisha Sarang as Neelima (Neelu) , Rishi S Kumar as Vishnu Balu (Mudiyan) , Juhi Rustagi as Lakshmi Balu (Lechu), Al Sabith as Keshav (Keshu) are the Main characters of the show.

Bhavaniyamma Original name Uppum Mulakum
KPAC Santha as Bhavaniyamma in Uppum Mulakum

Online Episodes

This sitcom drama telling the story of a family, balu is the name of the father. Balachandran is the real name of balu and Biju Sopanam is playing that role. Uppum mulakum comedy show actor name is biju sopanam. Neelima Balachandran aka Neelu is his wife and Nisha Sarangh is playing that role. Nisha Sarangh is very much popular for character in this sitcom. Nisha Sarangh already done lot of malayalam films. She had played important roles in the film My boos, Amen etc. Nisha Sarangh is now very popular for her performance in this show.

Vishnu aka Mudiyan, Lakshmi aka Lachu, Keshavan aka Keshu and Shivani aka Shiva are the four kids of balu and neelu. Neelima’s Brother Sreekuttan, Balu’s sister Susmitha, cousin Rama, Bhasi, Shukoor, Nawas and Neelima’s parents are the other people in this sitcom. All the latest episodes of uppum mulakum is available through flowers tv youtube channel.

Cast and Crew

Biju Sopanam - Balachandran Thampi aka Balu
Biju Sopanam – Balachandran Thampi aka Balu

Biju Sopanam – Balachandran Thampi aka Balu

Nisha Sarangh - Neelima Balachandran aka Neelu
Nisha Sarangh – Neelima Balachandran aka Neelu

KPAC Santha – Bhavaniyamma playing Neelu’s mother role.
S.P Sreekumar – Sreekuttan
Varsha s Mohan – Rema
Rishi S Kumar – Vishnu Balachandran aka Mudiyan
Juhi Rustagi – Lakshmi Balachandran aka Lachu
Al Sabith – Keshav Balachandran aka Keshu
Shivani Menon – Shivani Balachandran aka Shiva