led bulb replacement guide – save energy with led lamps

led lamp installation details – led bulb replacement guide

led lamps are now very popular and easily available all over. lot of people now thinking about using led lights to save electricity and money. energy saving means energy creating, saving energy is a big thing now. led lights consuming low energy (purchase online) , you can save energy with replacing your old cfl, tube lights etc with led. before purchasing led lights you need to read led bulb replacement guide. it will help you to find proper led lamps for your home or office. the big advantage of led lights are they have more life than cfl lights.

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led bulbs are eco friendly, its not spoiling the environment with any chemicals. led bulb replacement guide will teach you get proper led lights for your need.

energy savings

If you are using normal incandescent lamps think about replacing the same. they are consuming m ore energy than cfl or led. if you are using a 60 watts incandescent lamp, you can replace it with a 7 watt led light. it will more brightness than your concessional incandescent lamp. led bulb replacement guide recommends use led lights than cfl or incandescent lamps. you can check the lumens and other factors of incandescent lamps and led lights.

led bulb replacement guide

Incandescent LED Lamp Lumens
150 Watts 25 – 30 Watts 2600
100 Watts 15 – 20 Watts 1600
75 Watts 10 – 15 Watts 1100
60 Watts 7 – 12 Watts 800
40 Watts 6 – 9 Watts 450

for bathrooms you can use 3 watts or 5 watts led lights, reading rooms and other main area need more power. you can use 25 watts or below wattage for these areas. its better to choose good quality led lights, low cost lamps will not give sufficient brightness. you can easily purchase led lights from local markets, online shopping sites etc. led bulb replacement guide recommending philips brand led lights, they are good in quality and at reasonable price.

led bulb replacement guide
led bulb replacement guide