jisha killer caught by police – Assam native Amiyoor Ul Islam was the killer

Assam native Amiyoor Ul Islam was perumbavoor jisha killer

jisha killer caught
Who killed jisha ?

jisha killer caught by kerala police and that was confirmed by chief minister pinarayi vijayan. Assam native Amiyoor Ul Islam was the killer of jisha. its take around days to find the killer, jisha was killed on 28th april in perumbavoor. kerala chief minister confirmed that killer of jisha caught and reveal more details soon. dna test confirmed that Amiyoor Ul Islam is the killer of jisha case. in kerala there are lot of people started campaign to find the killer. jisha a dalit girl from perumbavoor district of kerala was brutally raped and killed few weeks back.

who killed ?

political change happen in kerala and ldf back in rule, first decision by the pinarayi vijayan ministry was changing the team for jisha case. b sandhya take over the charge and within time kerala police caught jisha killer. pinarayi vijayan praised the team , killer caught from trisuur-palakakdu boarder. jisha from a poor family and she was a law collage student. lot of people started several campaigns for finding the killer of jisha. through social media lot of people asked justice for jisha. finally kerala police caught the killer and we can wait for more details of the same.

case diary

kerala police once gain proved that they efficient and capable to handle any case. jisha case is a best example for the efficiency of kerala police to find facts. jisha case investigation team made a major breakthrough in the case after the shoe-shop owner identified Amiyoor who bought a chappel from the shop.