Asianet Broadband Modem Connection Issues and Solutions

Asianet Broadband Modem Configuration

Asianet Broadband Modem
Broadband Modem Configuration

Asianet Broadband Modem Connection Issues and Solutions, Here some of the common issues with Asianet Broadband Connection and the solutions. Now lot of people are using asianet broadband connection in kerala. If you are new to this connection you may face some technical problems. If you are facing any connection problems can check here and search for the solutions. We have posted the complete plans and its details of asianet broadband plans kerala 2018 here.


we can check some of the common questions with asianet broadband connection here. lot of people are looking to switch from bsnl and other connection providers. Asianet Broadband Modem related issues can be read from here.

I am using bsnl adsl modem, i wish to switch to asianet broadband connection. can i use my existing normal adsl modem with asianet broadband ?.

Answer – No, you can’t use normal adsl modem as asianet broadband modem. its using different kind of modem and they will supply the same to you. but you can configure the same for wi-fi connection, you can read the same below.

I have a normal adsl wi-fi modem, can i use the same with asianet broadband modem.

Answer – Yes you can configure the same for wifi setup, they have normal and wifi modem. if you have a adsl wifi modem you can purchase a normal modem from them and connect your adsl wifi modem for wi-fi connections. but its better to purchase a wifi asianet broadband, you may face connectivity problems with your normal adsl modem.

I got the connection and i am using a normal asianet broadband modem and connected it to adsl modem. but net connection is not getting ?.

You can connect your dlink, netgear or any other brand modem or routers with asianet broadband connection. but you need to call the customer care for activating the same. once they completed the setup you can use the same. please be remember that if you are using an external modem or router for wifi setup, switch on asianet broadband modem first. wait for steady connection, then switch on the other one. do not power on both modems at same time, you may face connectivity issues.